Environmental Policy Statement

Visor Fall Arrest Nets, company dedicated to the manufacturing of safety nets, wants to be a reference in its sector, thus it compromises to protect and respect the environment during its daily activities.

In order to make this compromise real, Visor Fall Arrest Nets inspires all of its employees to involve and participate in this matter, searching for alternatives and more sustainable solutions for both production facilities and offices.

Therefore, we adopt this Environmental Policy Statement that provides the framework of reference to establish and evaluate targets and goals; based on the following points:

  • Apply environmental criteria, based on UNE EN ISO 14001, to all the company’s production processes and those decisions that could affect the environment.
  • Easily accomplish with the current environmental legislations applied to Visor Fall Arrest Nets’s activity.
  • Provide the tools necessary to prevent damage to the environment.
  • Make a sensible use of all resources, minimizing the consumption of water, paper and energy
  • Reduce the generation of waste and emissions, favoring recycling.
  • Implicate all the members of the company to achieve the targets set, which will be revised annually, relevant to the Environmental Policy
  • Promote good practices between all the parts implied with Visor Fall Arrest Nets, either if they are suppliers and / or customers.
  • Collaborate with the public administrations competent in environmental policies.
  • Contribute with our activities to improve environmental conditions, identifying points of enhancement and working for effective solutions.
  • Continuous improvement compromise.