Our values

Safety netting factory equipped with the latest technology. As far as conventional factory we can design, give advice and training as well for special sites. For that reason Visornets is “More than nets”.

Made in Spain

We are safety netting manufacturers based in Alicante .Our production system is based on the binomial technology + craftsmanship. We combine the latest technologies with traditional crafting techniques in the manufacturing of nets and metal structures.

Custom service

Reliability in our work is what certifies and credits us, as well as shows us the path to keep progressing. We take each customer as an opportunity to demonstrate that the quality we presume to have in our service is more tan justified.

Net and collective protection equipment design

We design our products to our customer’s needs, with the aid of 3D software in order to obtain better results.

Advice and training

We are safety netting manufacturers and specialists, and that’s why we believe there is no one better than us to explain the details and uses of our products. We offer a direct advice service, as well as training courses all around the world, in different languages.