Bespoke solutions

For special projects where none of our safety nets and/or passive collective systems are not strictly applicable, Visornets engineering team can assist you.

How do we do?
  • 1st. Particular case study by our engineering department. In this step we are able to define if is possible to adjust any of our systems, creation of a specific another one or definitely not, in the latter case we will not proceed to the next step.
  • 2nd. Submit an offer to the customer with the suitable solution in different stages:
    • 1. 3D design, including a calculation note and an installation guide.
    • 2. Comprehensive offer on the whole elements, including nets, steel structures and different hardware for the installation.
    • 3. Prototype test on external laboratory.
    • 4. Training on site.


We offer training and advice services worldwide, both in English and Spanish. We have available specific courses for systems Visor-V, Visor-T and Visor-S, as well as a catalogue of custom training courses.